I'm Katherine. Oxford comma advocate, em-dash enthusiast, and full-time freelancer.

Writing's been my professional thing for 10+ years and my for-funsies thing since I was old enough to resent erasable pens. From strategic campaigns and brand development to product copy and editing fiction, I've wordsmithed all kinds of writing across multiple forms of media. I'm always ready to make prose clearer, more effective, and just plain purdier. 

But a girl can't live on words alone. My other talents include. . .

  • Running a lot of miles once a year

  • Discussing various points in world history the same way some people recap sports highlights

  • Speaking calmly and rationally about TV shows and films that give me, like, damn, a lot of feelings

  • Making pies from scratch. Frickin' scratch. Dough included. Who does that anymore? Me. Me is who.

  • Pretending I haven't played Dungeons & Dragons (and variants) for over a decade

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