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Who does this nerd think she is, anyway?

A writer

Copywriters are like the secret spies of the creative world: if they do their job right, no one knows they were ever there—but without them, we're all toast. Great writing tells unforgettable stories, guides opinions, and influences people. That's what I do. I make words work for you, and I make 'em pretty.

a proofreader

Good writing doesn't matter if something's off by even a bit. Misplaced periods, inconsistencies, or the wrong homonym can spell disaster for anything from print pieces to SOWs. I've been a proofreader for 10+ years, and my campus newspaper origin story means I love AP style. If there's a mistake, I'll find it. 


an editor

"C'mon, Katherine. There's no difference between proofreading and editing." Oh, yeah, hypothetical naysayer? Editing looks at the whole picture, not just grammar rules. I eliminate unnecessary flotsam, suggest overarching improvements, and help the work evolve, Pokémon-like, into something greater than it was before.  

Currently, I'm living and freelancing in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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