Let's get to the shiny stuff: my favorite projects from the last several years. You'll see all kinds of writing for all kinds of media—plus oodles upon oodles of editing. This is more than just my work. This is the stuff I enjoyed working on the most. This is fun

as a freelance writer, i tackle everything from brand IDENTITY to product copy updates. As a freelance editor, i work with aspiring novelists to polish their work until it shines.


I'm a full-time freelnce writer, so my days are filled with all kinds of wording. There's brand identity work like voice, purpose, mission statements, and tag lines; social media planning and management; award nomination write-ups; product copy for e-commerce sites; and working with folks building their personal portfolio sites, filling those sites with honest-to-goodness writing that sounds and feels like the client.

As for freelance editing, I primarily work one-on-one with writers and their novels, providing detailed feedback both line by line and chapter by chapter. Plot development, pacing, character arcs, synopses–it's all part of my editor's toolkit for taking novels from blegh to bestseller.




The Kroger Company, 84.51, P&G, EyeMed, Gardens Alive!, Polymath Visuals, Madison Design Group, Government Strategies Group, The Siebel Institute of Technology, The Modern College of Design (formerly School of Advertising Art), Topps Company Inc., various writers

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Mayfield Creamery, a family-owned ice cream brand beloved for its genuine Southern homemade taste, EXPANDED into new markets in 2017.


As part of that expansion, they asked Curiosity to develop a 30-second commercial that not only reflected the updated branding we produced for them, but also introduced Mayfield to new markets in Texas and Florida. Bonus points if we incorporated their rich heritage, unique flavors, and the fact that they still make their ice cream with fresh cream from their own dairy.

The spot we developed features the brand’s spokesperson (and founder’s grandson), Scottie Mayfield. He tells the story of how the Mayfield family's traditions influenced specific flavors they make and share today. In addition to the 30-second spot, we also developed two 15-second spots.




Commercial ideation and concepting, focus group testing, and director vetting.


A few out-of-order frames from the storyboards:


since the start of my career, I've handled writing, planning, and managing various brands' social media in every job I've held.


Since modern consumers come equipped with increasingly sophisticated bullshit meters, brands can't just chuck ads into the (targeted) void and expect consumers to show up. Brands gotta meet people where people already hang out. And on the internet, people hang out on social media.

When I write posts for various platforms, there's a slew of contradictions to consider. Effective social media means writing in the brand's voice, but using consumer language. It means pushing products, but prioritizing genuine connection and participation. I've done this on the daily through many changes in algorithms, platforms, and brands, adapting my style to any voice and medium.

brands for whom i have written SOCIAL POSTS

Just Add Water! (part of Gardens Alive), Salon Concepts, Mayfield Creamery, Luvsome Pet Food, Land O'Frost Lunch Meat, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Bicycle® Playing Cards, Vocalpoint (a P&G brand), The T. Marzetti Company (including Marzetti Kitchens, Simply Dressed, and Sister Schubert's), Shaw Floors, FOTOFOCUS Cincinnati, SVP Cincinnati, Xavier University.




Writing engaging posts (including promoted posts) and planning monthly content calendars across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


I've also worked with social media scheduling platforms like HootSuite and Buffer.


Disruption is a wine distribution company that buys directly from vineyards. They came to powerhouse in need of a brand identity that encompassed their punk-rock pioneer attitude.


Disruption wanted eye-catching labels that would run riot amid the safe, unremarkable designs of other wine brands. They needed a brand identity that matched this desire to rebel, as well as a label that conveyed the importance of place when choosing a wine. They wanted a look, tone, and feel that was anthemic, inspirational, and of course, disruptive.

I cracked open (read: asked Google for) some Walt Whitman, because nothing says "anthemic" like poems meant to stoke the fire of humanity's instinct to explore, wander, and adventure. The line "outward and outward, and forever outward" drew me in—not just as stellar imagery, but as a guiding light for a brand intent on discovering great wine all over the world.




Crafting a brand voice and label copy.


Credit for the design work goes to Aaron May.


Shadowrun is a pen-and-paper role playing game (RPG) that nerds everywhere recognize as a modern alternative to Dungeons and Dragons.


Unlike the medieval appeal of DnD, Shadowrun's universe is set in a dystopian sci-fi future that mixes urban crime-solving with magical elements. To develop this vast and detailed world, the creators regularly release guides that help players set up new adventures and develop detailed backstories. 

These guides, published both in .pdf and in print, are where I come in. Each piece I edit contains 20,000+ words, is due back in about seven days, and is edited per Shadowrun's style guide. I edit for grammar, style, syntax, continuity, and suggest overarching changes as necessary. It makes for a cleaner, tighter piece that keeps readers and players immersed in the story.


2012 - Present


Proofreading & Editing.


Shadowrun is a product of Catalyst Gaming Labs, which is owned by the Topps Company, Inc.


A historic brand with a diverse fan base, Bicycle® Playing Cards depended on me to lead all social media management and Club 808 content creation.


Bicycle Playing Cards was a client of Traction's, and depended on my work for news releases, all content for their membership club (Club 808), and social media content and management. While the news releases were strictly informational, everything else was meant to be fun, educational, and engaging. Combined with the prompt replies and interaction I provided as the community manager, it helped elevate their Facebook fan base from 27,000 to 50,000+ in the first six months. 

In addition, I was also Traction's client liaison to Bicycle. I led communication with their team, which included scheduling meetings and calls, creating timelines of deliverables, and managing expectations.




Content creation and editing, community management, account management.


Traction also created a number of custom decks for Bicycle, and it was my job to write descriptive copy for the back of each tuck, the "ad card" in each deck, and occasionally, for the deck's featured page on the site.


SparkLife is a division of SparkNotes, which you may remember as the website that helped you survive english class.


SparkLife is their teen community, where high school students can stop by for a laugh and a good read. It contains articles on topics like life as a teen, beauty tips, quizzes, fandom-related rants, and more. As a contributor, I wrote articles about upcoming YA book releases, "shipping," gift-giving, and even fandom-themed prom advice. My favorite of all may have been making and reviewing online recipes for butterbeer, a comestible from the Harry Potter universe. 




Writing articles, developing and executing ideas for articles.


As SparkLife is a division of SparkNotes, so SparkNotes is a division of Barnes & Noble. You can see my articles here.